Wellfleet lake gets updated dam - Knopnews2.com

Wellfleet lake gets updated dam - Knopnews2.com

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Built back in the 1930s, the Wellfleet lake is undergoing some updates which hasn't happened since it's last revamps in the 1960s and the community is excited about it.

Kyle Shepherd, NCORPE manager said, "We have some NCORPE staff along with middle republican NRD staff and then we have some volunteers along with the contractor."

Nebraska Cooperative Republican Platte Enhancement teamed up with Middle Republican Natural Resources District early last summer to get this project started.

Jerome Vieyra, Vieyra's Metal Works owner said, "This structure, we got out on the platform and the wood it was a little sketchy and to be honest I was laying on my stomach trying to spread out the surface weight but yeah it was a little nerve racking, nothing was square on it."

After decades of wear and tear on the old wooden platform, the main purpose for the new structure is improved safety and better water control.

Recommendations from the state of Nebraska and Game and Parks were taken into consideration along with input from the Nebraska School Land Board and the Wellfleet Club.

"Before it was moving 12 inch bridge planks, that's how you controlled the flow of water. This will be an upgrade so instead of controlling water by the foot, we'll be able to control water by the inch," said Shepherd.

The new structure will cost NRD about $30,000 through funds provided by NCORPE.

"I lost so much sleep wondering if it was going to fit but you couldn't have asked for a better fit," said Vieyra.

Shepherd says this is first in a series of improvements to get the dam up to code.

Shepherd said, "Over the next few days, Wellfleet lake will fill it back up, get it back to where it needs to be so people can come enjoy the lake this spring."