NCORPE guarantees that river flow obligations are met in the Republican and Platte Rivers. Not meeting those obligations, such as the Republican River Compact, would cause severe financial and regulatory penalties. In addition to assurances NCORPE provides that interstate and intrastate river flow obligations are met, the project meets these obligations in a way that protects the economy. Without NCORPE, widespread and periodic irrigation shutdowns would be necessary. In 2014 alone, roughly 330,000 acres within the Republican Basin would not have been irrigated in 2014 had it not been for NCORPE and a similar project in Dundy County, the Rock Creek Augmentation Project. 

The irrigation shutdowns that would be needed without the project could cause assessed values of irrigated land within the Republican Basin to decline by an estimated $500 million-$900 million. Within Twin Platte NRD, the reduction in assessed values could be approximately $70 million.

The NCORPE project is solely funded by an occupation tax on irrigated acres; no property tax dollars are used. It is the largest project to date funded by the occupation tax, which the Legislature gave NRDs the authority to levy in 2007 to enhance river flows.

In addition to protecting the economy of the region, NCORPE prevents water from being wasted. It is expected that over the long term no more water will be pumped under the project than what otherwise would have been pumped had the land remained an irrigated farm. Without the project, the widespread and severe reductions in irrigation use that would be needed could cause water to be wasted by artificially generating stream flow that may not be needed in a given year to maintain compliance with interstate and intrastate water obligations such as the Republican River Compact. 

The following video provides a good visual description of the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEnMNY_9wxg

The NCORPE Board is comprised of the following NRD Directors:

Terry Martin - Upper Republican NRD

Benjie Loomis- Middle Republican NRD

Nelson F. Trambly - Lower Republican NRD

Jerry Weaver - Twin Platte NRD

The manager of NCORPE is Kyle Shepherd. The office phone number at NCORPE headquarters at the project site is 308-534-6752.